Álvaro Barrios

Cartagena, Colombia, 1945

Lives and works in Cartagena

Álvaro Barrios began to draw in his adolescence and was initially interested in images that have not been produced in the Fine Arts, but the ones that have to do with a broader visual culture. From his native city, Barranquilla, he has a perspective on modernity that reveals more easily his fictional nature.

Neither the “great” art of the past nor the present one, which makes an hegemonic narrative of art history, can be experienced directly from Barranquilla because there are not masterpieces of Art with capital letter in collections or institutions, this is why these great works seem like parts of a broad and interchangeable visual culture accessed through books and magazines.

That experience of perceiving modernity as a remote image and the understanding of history as a group of stories, led him to a cultural experience that could be defined as postmodern. Authors as Gerardo Mosquera have pointed out that the coexistence of heterogeneous models- of a historical, economic or social nature-, in Latin America make their cultural experiences similar to the situations defined as postmodern in the recent decades discourses.