Eduard Moreno

Bogotá, Colombia, 1975

Lives and works in Bogotá

Eduard Moreno studied Arts at the National University of Colombia and currently lives in Bogotá.

In his projects he tries to organize a body of occupation and exercise that accounts for formal and conceptual concerns, tending to feel or disagree with the systems and cultural relationships that have been given as strata, habits, or customizations, “baroque or variegated records that line our room as ethos or lives particular of our being Latin American today”. To do so, the artist rehearses visual operations, allegorical or poetic images, corporealities in becoming or resistance, which add other forms of affection and relationship.

For this reason, the use of the concept of the archive is constant in his work, revealing in his genealogical and aporetic frames certain marks of the human drama which in their projections of force, morale, memory, iteration, subjectivation, territorialization or immunity, they also allow a glimpse of transferences and unconscious affects of their constitution: the split, the interior or desolate emptiness, the desolation of our subjective modernity, the fracture and conflict of our human dignity, melancholy or the duel.

In his most recent projects, these constant vigils or revelations have come increasing its power, betting on a complex organization, discovering the need to link with the places of care and otherness, and finding in the occupation of public and institutional spaces, an advance of the plastic operation as mediation and pedagogy conducive to applying emancipatory or rebellious wills. This way, the archive and its record, engaged in the bodies themselves, as flows and affects, organizes a biological thinking and feeling that demands a new rigor and encouragement in the understanding and praxis of sensible exercise.