Linda Pongutá

Bogotá, Colombia, 1989

Lives and works in Bogotá

I investigate and reinterpret delicate political situations, the abuses to nature territories and the impact they cause. I have toured the building that contains the ruins of the telecommunications company Telecom and at a certain moment of this investigation I intervened in the space questioning what was left behind in people and places, when capitalist progress and technology passed by.

This process continues with a review of the union and commercial videos that I found in the building. Two years ago I intervened in an abandoned pasta factory called “Pastas el Gallo”, located in a marginal neighborhood in the center of Bogotá, in an exhibition that was part of the 45th Salón Nacional de Artistas.

Currently I reaffirm my Muysca identity to extract threads from the fabric of the industrial system, I choose the heaviest and most exhausted fibers with the intention of sustaining and reaching the weight of the deteriorating nature. I seek to relate indigenous medicinal plants, holding, deforming and contradicting industrial objects and materials, taking them to states of transfiguration where what is above falls and what lies beneath the ground emerges in matter as a manifestation of subtle and invisible energies, located in the boundary between the living and the dead. I am interested in consuming the disaster, finding the germ of oppression and mistreatment towards the apparently vulnerable. I find in the germinal - found in the indigenous Underworld - and in the states of decomposition and putrefaction of organic matter a state where it is not possible to reach the destination but where halfway, the possibility of consuming the structure of the established appears.