Mario Opazo

Tomé, Chile 1969

Lives and works in Bogotá

Plastic artist and audiovisual producer of Chilean origin, he lives and works in Bogotá, he is professor at the National University of Colombia. Currently his work is oriented towards the possible relationships between the performance and the audiovisual. His interdisciplinary spirit has led him to propose aesthetic products "ungenerated" and fluctuating between content and medium, between traditional and experimental narratives, which place shaping more in a creative behavior than in traditional disciplinary skills, resorting to a possible subversion of the limits and particularities of plastic languages. He performs actions of resistance and micro-political gestures that reveal his position and critical point of view in the contemporary world.

He has participated in important events such as: the 52nd Venice International Art Biennial, the Havana Biennial and the Mercosur Biennial. He was the winner of the Latin American Art Award at MOLAA, Los Angeles USA. He has participated for several years in the RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES PARÍS / BERLIN / MADRID at the Georges Pompidou Center, at Beaux-arts in Paris and at the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía in Madrid. His work has been exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions inside and outside the country, the premiere of his documentary stands out, it is dedicated to the state of the Saharawi people entitled: "AMARGO COMO LA VIDA'', in the INTERMEDIAE of the MATADERO MADRID CULTURAL CENTER.

He has been nominated for scholarships and awards for creation, among them the following stand out: the nomination for the Guggenheim Scholarship by Paulo Bruscky in 2000 and the nomination for the Luis Caballero Award in 2008. His solo exhibition "Territorio Fugitivo" inaugurated in March 2008 at the Gabriela Mistral Gallery in Santiago de Chile stands out. Among other important awards, he has received the First Prize at the 36th National Salon of Artists in Colombia, the Luis Caballero Prize in 2010, the First Prize at the Young Art Salon, the First Prize at the I Two-dimensional Art Salon, the First Prize in the Kent Explora Hall of the British American Tobaco and countless mentions and recognitions for his work.